BEAUTY : Coconut milk conditioner by Salon Lacoupe


By Deborah Nicolas

Hi beauties,

If you are a haircare lover, you must buy this incredible hair conditioner, it's a nugget.

I have not tried the shampoo yet but I'm quite sure it is also a must have.

Any fan of coconut scent here ? if you are, you're gonna be completely mesmerized by this one.

It smells like paradise and the result is definitely amazing
In fact, it smells like the best holiday of your life.

In other words, your hair is going to become the favourite place of every person who will cross your way.

This conditioner is a nourishing silicone-free daily moisturizer for your hair with pure coconut water and aloe leaf juice, finely crafted with an exotic blend of organic extracts and natural oils including : coconut milk, coconut oil, marula and argan oils to help condition, detangle and promote healthy-looking shine.

Buy it, try it and let me know about the result you'll get.

Xoxo, D