HEALTH : STARPOWA, the gummy made for stars


By Devorah Nicolas

The best gummy you've ever tried

Last March, I was looking on Instagram to find the best collagen gummies on the market. It's been a while, gummy supplements became super popular, especially thanks to their taste and the pleasure of taking them daily. And from my point of view, collagen-based gummy supplements are a must have for women.
Thanks to my experience, I've noticed that gummy supplements bring more results rather than ordinary pills.

So, this is the way I discovered StarPowa and I fell in love instantly. From star packaging to delicious taste but above all to the results obtained, StarPowa is the reference in terms of food supplements in the form of gum.
For more than a semester, I have been taking these sweets regularly and the results are there . Starpowa has found the key to female happiness, at least mine !

The essentials

1. The pink gummies to stimulate nails and hair growth and to give a boost to our skin. If you're looking for a glow up, it's your call.

2. Collagen gummies

3. Green CBD gums to ease anxiety and relax more often

The Good Points

No gelatine

 No gluten

sweeteners extracted from plant extracts 

LESS than ½ a gram of sugar per serving

What you should do

I'm strongly advising you to start a course of StarPowa as soon as possible.  Learn from my experience and you'll become addicted to these beauty treasures. So girls, convinced ? Are you ready for the next step ?

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