NETLIX : The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window 


by Devorah Nicolas

It launched a few days ago and it's already in the Top 10. The title is making a reference to the movie "The girl on the train" released in 2021 on Netflix. The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window, well it's a little bit long for a series title but obviously it was thought of and done on purpose.

It also reminds us of the popular Hitchock movie "Rear Window". Speaking of which, you should watch Rear Window, the one with the talented Christopher Reeves,
Daryl Hannah and Robert Forster released in 1998.

You can also look for "Inside", a spanish movie from 2011. The scenario is beyond insane.


So, it's 1 season, 8 episodes. You need a night to watch them all and trust me you are going to find the time. Like now or next weekend.


Anna, a heartbroken mum is unsure of whether or not she witnessed a murder. Due to her almost daily habit of pairing medicines with excessive amounts of red wine, she often has hallucinations and suffers from a crippling fear of the rain. Anna is also ostracized by members of her community, including her new neighbors, and labeled "crazy" by the 

police ...


1. It's highly entertaining , Kristen Bell is literally amazing in her character and the final twist is a great one, you won't see it coming.

2. You can identify yourself with the main character : Sometimes, It's like 
you're unconsciously picking a series which is linked to your own life or at least you can relate to some situations. This series is close to reality, so you should start watching it now.

3. The final twist is spectacular. If you're curious by nature, you just have found a new interest by reading this.

4. We all have a watcher side, it's human nature. It means what's happening to people next door can be thrilling.

5. The hypersensitive side : have you ever heard people call you crazy ? Then, this series is definitely for you. A useful reminder : when people call you crazy they are talking about themselves. If you have some skills linked to your hypersensitivity, your strong intuition, your photographic memory or even a mediumship gift you must believe in them like Anna does.

You'll find the trailer and the netflix link right below.

Enjoy your watching and come back here to give us your thoughts,

Xoxo, D

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