Nuud Natural Deodorant for Women and Men - 15ml tube - 3-7 Days/Application - 100% Paraben, Plastic & Aluminium Free - Simple Vegan Deodorant Cream - Eco Friendly Packaging

  • YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE! Spoil your armpits with 100% natural cream deodorant without aluminium, perfumes, unnecessary chemicals or alcohol.
  • 3-7 DAYS PER APPLICATION: With only one application of our simple deodorant cream you stay fresh for 3 days up to a full week! Without having to reapply!
  • NUUD WON'T LET YOU DOWN: No matter what you do; Extreme (and not so extreme) sports, showering, scuba diving. Nothing reduces Nuud's effectiveness!
  • HELPS AGAINST ODOR: Our innovative Nuud Deodorant prevents Odors by effectively neutralizing Bacteria with Microsilver.
  • STAY FRESH FOR 6-7 WEEKS: Thanks to our highly concentrated, patented formula the small 15ml Tube will last you an impressive 6-7 weeks.
  • NO CLOGGING & NO STAINING: Start your day with fresh armpits. An all natural deodorant like no other - without having to sacrifice anything!
  • ANIMAL TESTING? NO WAY! Nuud is produced without any animal testing. We are proud to say that our products we are a 100% vegan and eco friendly deodorant.